Friday, January 21, 2011

Vacant Home Staging During the Holidays

Should I pull the vacant home staging during the holidays and re-stage after the New Year?

It is to your benefit to leave the staging in the home during the holidays for several reasons. Your buyer might be the one that is looking during the holidays and if the home isn’t showing at its best with the staging you might miss out on giving the buyer the best first impression you possibly can and potentially loose the buyer’s interest. Secondly a vacant home is cold anyway and during the winter months when it is cold outside it feels even colder in the home. When it is vacant there isn’t anything in the home to interest the buyers into staying in the home longer while looking. Staging adds interest to the home and helps buyers visualize their belongings in the home. Thirdly, to pull staging during the holidays and then set up staging again after the New Year is more costly. The initial staging has set up costs, delivery costs plus the rental cost. If you continue with the staging that was set up prior to the holidays on a month to month basis you will have the home showing beautifully and giving the best first impression for those buyers that do look during that time and you will save by only paying the month to month rental cost . You might think you can save by pulling the staging and setting up the staging later but in actuality it will cost you more because of paying the set up and delivery costs twice.

Another reason to keep the home staged during the holidays even if it has passed 60 days on the market is you don’t want to lose any positive momentum you have with showing the home at its best. With the home not being staged the more time that passes the more likely you will have to resort to price reductions. Staged homes show better, have fewer days on the market and have fewer price reductions.

Which room looks more inviting and shows better to you?

Vacant Staged Home before.  COLD! 

Vacant Staged Home after. WARM!
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Austin Home Stager, Paula Hobbs with Pop Decor

North Austin Wycliff Home staged. The initial walk through of this early 1980’s home definitely exposed that it needed some updating in order to compete in the Austin Metro real estate market this fall. The interior paint was soiled and chipped, light fixtures and fans were brass and dated, blinds were missing and counters and cabinets in dire need of attention. The front exterior was missing a house number letter and the front door looked as if an egg had been splattered on it. The home owner was on a budget with what could be spent on updating the home so I went for updating the items that would make the most impact visually.

Paint color. The new paint color in the home brightened and warmed the feeling inside the home. Neutral accent colors were painted in the dining room and master bathroom to add a soft contrast in colors.

Maintenance. A handy man was hired to address the cabinet doors and hinges, hang blinds and address other small items.

Once the painting and other maintenance items were addressed the home was ready for me to stage. I brought in large furniture that would accommodate the large living room and dining room size to demonstrate to buyers what size furniture would fit in the space. Both of these rooms were furnished and accessorized and the kitchen, master bathroom and secondary bathroom were completely accessorized adding color and decoration.

Austin Home Stager

Austin Home Stager before picture

Austin Home Stager after picture
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Austin TX Home Staging Services

Hello, my name is Paula Hobbs,
and I am a Home Stager here in Austin Tx that works with home owners and realtors to help stage their homes and real estate listings for sale.

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What is Home Staging?
Staging homes is the art of professionally preparing your listing or house for sale. Staging highlights the home's best features and helps the buyers see themselves and their furnishings in the home. Staging sets the scene throughout the house to create immediate buyer interest in your property. The best way to get top dollar and sell your home quickly is to price it right and stage it great. The investment in staging should always be less than the first price reduction.

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Austin Texas Home Staging Services

"As a professional home stager I am experienced in the art of preparing homes for resale. I work with the flow of a home, eliminate clutter, edit and arrange furniture, and even assist in enhancing curb-appeal. With my aid as a professional home stager, your house can make a notable first impression on potential homebuyers."
- Paula Hobbs, Homes Staging Services

I offer 3 Home Staging Services

1. Occupied Home Staging Consultation
With a critical eye I evaluate the inside and outside of your home and outline a detailed series of recommendations and actions that should take place prior to putting your house on the market for sale. I thoroughly walk through your home with you and while I am there in detail discuss my recommendations. Immediately, generally the next day, I will provide you and realtor a written staging summary report detailing the notes taken during the consultation.

2. Vacant Accessory Home Staging

Using my accessories, I will accent the home's features, draw the eye of the customer to areas of the home we want them to focus on. Accessory staging does not include large furniture pieces, but it does include PLENTY of my beautiful accessories (artwork to accent the home’s features for the living room, kitchen, master bathroom, secondary bathrooms, dining room, powder room and a console table with lamp for setting up brochures in the living room or entry). Relate this service to what you might see in a shop window, a small extensive display that highlights a certain space.

3.Vacant Full Home Staging
With the use of rental furniture and my accessories I will stage your vacant home's rooms like the dining room, living room and bedroom with rented furniture. All of the rooms of the house will benefit from our attractive accessories. My Vacant Home Staging Service consists of my Vacant Accessory Home Staging Service with the addition of rented large furniture pieces.

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Why Home Staging Works : People imagine they can look past ugly decor or empty rooms and see potential, but usually they can’t! That’s why successful builders use Model Homes and Model Suites to sell their properties. Savvy home sellers realize that creating a show home environment will entice buyers.People shop with logic and buy on emotion. Home buyers start house hunting with a logical list of criteria, but the home they actually buy is chosen largely by emotion. Remember back to the last time you went house hunting. You dragged yourself through 6 houses in one day. The listings all sound great. With each one you have renewed hope that you might actually be able to find something you love and that you can afford.But with each new stop, your disappointment and frustration grew. “What were they thinking?” you ask the agent cringing at the decor, the smell, the clutter. Then it happens! You drive up to a house that looks like a home before you’ve even stepped out of the car. You enter and within minutes decide, “this is home!” That’s what I can do for you with my Home Staging Services. I will decorate your property with the needs and expectations of real estate buyers in mind. I will set the scene for potential buyers to walk into your house and have that “this is home” feeling.

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